Sudbury Garage Door

Garage Door Safety

Your garage door is the largest piece of moving equipment in your home. When properly maintained it can provide years of trouble free convenience. If not maintained or used improperly your garage doors can become a hazard to you and your family.

Torsion and extension springs and attached hardware are under extreme tension when your doors are in the down position. Tension must be released from springs before any work is performed on the springs, hardware, or bottom cable brackets. Only a professionally trained service person should relieve the spring tension.

Over time tension springs become fatigued and are prone to breaking. This can be quite violent and can damage your vehicle or injure someone in your garage.

Sudbury Garage Door installs safety cables inside the length of the spring to prevent broken springs from doing any harm.

Do not attempt to close a garage door by placing fingers between the sections as a place to grab onto the door. The lift handle or a pull rope should be the only method of opening and closing your garage door.